Some Macro Designer Issues

I always use the Extended Macro Designer, if that makes a difference.

Guide Lines

This one presents in two ways. You add a guide with “Show Guide Lines” off, turn it on and all’s fine. If you do it with “Show Guides” already on, it adds 2 lines instead of one. As soon as you remove guide lines and close the extended designer Cubase crashes. Sometimes with horizontal guides it will add 2 from the get go, and again crash if you close the window.

BTW. I mentioned in an older post that the script error/reset button crashes Halion when you use it to reset the internal script editor. It’s fine with an external editor though, (in case that post was missed).

Template List Element

GUI Tree Properties

Folder icons for Template List variable/parameter selection sink in behind the scrollbar. They are fine on the first window open, but after selecting other GUI tree elements, they fold away upon subsequent selections. With all my typing errors, being able to select variables from a list, is helpful. :slight_smile:

Fill Style

From what I gather, the fill style should cover the Template List completely, but here are inconsistencies on the trailing edge depending on the number of repeats. from a design stand point this could cause problems. Especially if you want an open ended design with the option to add elements at a later point.

Below are 4 duplicate Template List Elements of the exact same width, with varying repeat counts of the same referenced template. The right screen cap is just a zoom of the same edge.

Also, the online developer Macro page says the focus and index variables should be e.g. @focus and @index, but they onyl work if the @ is left out.

Colour Selector Popup

Often the colour selector popup for Envelope/StepMod customisation, extends beyond the bottom of the screen. This doesn’t seem to happen with colour selection at the very bottom, but a few blocks up it goes wrong.

Apologies for adding so much stuff in one go, but I came across them in quick succession.

Hi AposMus,
I’m able to reproduce the Crash with the Guide Lines here. Its now in our Defect-Tracking-System and listed as Bug-ID “HALLY-7013”. I hope we can provide a fix for it soon.

Thanks for your report and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Gerrit Junge

No problem.

Thanks for the feedback.