Some metadata not being written

Whatever I do, I can’t get certain fields written to metadata, even though they are showing fine in CD Text. For example Track Title and Track Number never get written to metadata but Album Title and Artist do. I’ve tried CDTextTrackTitle and CDTrackTitle. They show in Audio CD Report, so I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve tried FLAC, WAV & MP3 - all the same, viewed in J River & Windows File Explorer. Any ideas ?

This topic is rather an “advanced feature”. Did you make it work in the past, or is this a particular case today?

I have never made it work before despite trying several times and following guidelines from Justin Perkins

If you upload your montage (without audio files), I could have a look.

FWIW, I never use the CD Metadata Tab. It’s confusing to me.

I just have the main Metadata Tab set so that it inherits a combination of CD-Text, Marker Names, and other data from the montage such as track number/track total and populates the metadata of rendered files with this info.

The CD Metadata area has never really made sense to me so I don’t use it (that I’m aware of).

This is an extension of CD-Text, since CD-Text which is limited by the old red-book standard, with limited character set (no unicode) and string lengths.

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Yes, that is kind of what I thought. I just haven’t really had time to explore it and get it to be useful.

As an American person, you are less concerned with unicode in general :slightly_smiling_face:

Thankyou - attached is an example DDP
BURCD102 (12.5 KB)

Your metadata is apparently present in the resulting file.
To better match your case, also give me your render preset.

I don’t use Render presets until now so I’m not sure what the attached includes. I know that I spent hours trying to get this to work and tried every combination of fields & variables I could think of so this is just one snapshot of my efforts. (1.0 KB)

With your preset, you render clips, not CD tracks. Hence the CD track metadata is not used. Instead, render CD tracks you will find your metadata in the rendered files.

Your preset:

What you should do: