Some midi events in a track can no longer be edited and deleted

in the current Cubase 12 I have recorded midi tracks with punch-in and -out. With some of the midi events created in this way, I have the problem that they cannot be opened in the editor, nor can they be moved or deleted. When I double-click on them, they are hatched and a new, empty area is activated between the locators.
Why (and where) are the events locked?

Another problem is that when punch-in is activated, recording already starts from the locator and not from punch-in. The overwritten midi notes are then gone (midi recording mode: replace). Does punch-in not work with midi?

Undo doesn’t work either.

Thank you!

Einige Midi Events in einem Track lassen sich nicht mehr bearbeiten und löschen

Hallo, im aktuellen Cubase 12 habe ich Miditracks mit Punch-in und -out aufgenommen. Mit einigen der so erzeugten Midi-Events habe ich das Problem, dass sie sich weder im Editor öffnen lassen, noch lassen sie sich verschieben oder löschen. Wenn ich darauf doppelt klicke, werden sie schraffiert und zwischen den Lokatoren wird ein neuer, leerer Bereich aktiviert.
Warum (und wo) sind die Events gesperrt?

Ein weiteres Problem ist, dass bei aktiviertem Punch-in bereits ab dem Locator und nicht erst ab dem Punch-in aufgenommen wird. Die überschriebenen Midinoten sind dann weg (Midi Aufnahmemodus: ersetzen). Funktioniert Punch-in bei Midi nicht?

Rückgängig machen funktioniert auch nicht.



If you select the MIDI Part, you can see the lock state in the Info View.

Could you attach the screenshot, please?

Hi Martin,
thank you very much for picking up my issue.
I am very embarrassed, but the error disappeared after restarting Cubase. I restarted Cubase several times beforehand, of course, and also rebooted the PC without the error disappearing. I was also able to reproduce the problem several times.
Why it is gone now - no idea.
I use a synchronisation software for my project files. Perhaps a longer upload has blocked a corresponding file. I have not checked that.

…too early to rejoice, the error is back. The synchronisation app is off. The first picture shows the faulty midi event, the second what happens when I double-click on it. It can’t be edited, deleted, moved or overwritten.
I am happy about any ideas.

Looks like overlapping parts to me. What happens if you show lanes?

Hi Lee_n, you are right. The parts in the different lanes overlapped. The problem could be solved by editing the events in the lanes. However, I have never had problems with copying, editing or selecting overlapping parts in the main track, even with overlaps. Are there differences between audio and midi?
In any case, thank you all very much for your help!