Some Midi parts won't play

Hello all,
I have an instrument track that consists of several midi parts. Some of them will just not play, as if they were muted (but they are not). Don’t know if it matters, but they sometimes overlap, and they lay on different subtracks/“lanes”. If I move one of these non-playing parts to a new instrument track, it will play just fine. However, if then I move the other parts to the new track as well, the problem reoccurs. Maybe something about recording cycles or track versions? Anyway, all I want is for Cubase to play everything that is there. I’m feeling really stupid, I literally spent hours on trying to solve this, can anybody help? I’m using Cubase Pro 9.5. Thanks a lot in advance!

Can you post a few screenshots so folks can see what’s happening.

There’s not much to see really, but here you go. If you look at the tracks called “Midi 04 (02)” and “Midi 04 (03)”: I would like to have all these events on one track. However, if I move up the first event from the lower track to the upper one, it will not produce any sound there.

When you move the MIDI Part (not an Event), is it from position A or B? Also have you confirmed that the MIDI Channel Numbers match between the Note Data and both of the Tracks. Do your MIDI Parts have anything else in them besides Note Data?

Can you take another screenshot showing the problematic MIDI Part moved to the Track where it doesn’t work. Make sure to show the Track’s Inspector and also Select the MIDI Event so we can see what the Info Line says about the Event.

Raino, thanks for trying to help! I’m sorry, I can’t replicate this now as I’ve continued working on the project shifting things around, but I still have the problem. Here’s the screenshot of a non-playing midi-part with the Inspector in view and the event selected. And yes, the parts do have more in them than note data. But can they have channel data, and if so, where do I find it? I always thought the midi channel was assigned to the output of the track, not to the parts.

If your MIDI Parts have something like Program Change messages that could mess up playback when using a different VSTi on another Track. For example on Track-A the Part sends a Program Change message to bring up a flute patch and it plays fine. But on Track-B the VSTi is different, and that same Program Change message brings up an empty silent patch. A lot of MIDI clips available online have Program Change messages in them.

Regarding Channel Numbers neither the Track nor the Parts are where than information is stored. MIDI consists of a bunch of different types of MIDI Messages like Note-On/Off, Pitchbend, Mod-wheel etc. And every one of those MIDI Messages specifies exactly which MIDI Channel it is using. You can easily see this if you open a MIDI Part in the List Editor. When you see a Track’s Channel Number, what happens is when a Note (or any other MIDI Message) is getting sent from the Track to the VSTi the Track will modify the MIDI Message on the fly changing the embedded Channel Number to whatever value the Track’s Channel is set to. And if the Track’s Channel is set to “Any” then it doesn’t change it at all, leaving it as is.

Yes, I’ve deleted the program changes, and then it worked! I’ll have a closer look at the list editor asap. Thanks a lot, raino, very much appreciated!