Some (minor) improvement requests

Hi guys,
first: Merry Christmas to all. :grinning: And a big thank you to the team for the great updates and improvements so far!
And now to my wishlist for a future update: after finishing a couple of projects, i have made a list with some minor issues i run into. Nothing about fancy or very special requests. Only things i encountered on a daily basis. Perhaps the developers could take a look and implement one or two things. I think that would improve the workflow for other users, too (hopefully :innocent:)

Here we go:

  • Selecting multiple staves in the score (say from top to the middle, then hitting Shift-D, the popover will be shown on top of the first stave, even if out of view. Would be nice, if always visible inside view, regardless if the top of the selection is visible at that time.
  • if i enter a wrong term in a popover, it would be nice if there is some visible feedback (popover shaking or becoming red…) rather than it closes and does nothing. If working fast, it happens sometimes that i realize only after a while that a certain object was not created because of a typo.
  • deselecting a whole stave: let’s say you have a score with the following order: 2 flutes, a bassoon, then 2 clarinets… and you want to select the same 4 bars of the 2 flutes and the 2 clarinets, because they get the same articulations. There is no way you can do this, right? There should be a possibility to select all 5 instruments and then unselect the unrelated bassoon like in Sibelius.
  • It would be nice to have a way that “Duplicate to Stave below/above” does REPLACE the notes in the destination stave rather then “merge” the two contents. But for dynamics it works really great as it is now. So maybe this wish is contradicting. :upside_down_face:
  • lets say we have a 4/4 bar with two quarter notes on beat 1 and 3. If i select only these 2 notes, copy them, select the rest on beat 2 and paste them there, i would expect that i get 4 notes on every beat. Instead everything between the two selected notes gets deleted. So i get only a note on beat 1, 2 and 4. Selecting only notes and pasting them somewhere should not affect anything between.
  • inputting a “>p” on a whole note, one should be able to return the selection to the note again hitting TAB. But this does not work if there is no initial dynamic mark. You have to take the mouse. In general, selecting dynamics and moving forth and back is not very consistent.
  • A Shortcut/Command for “Zoom to Whole page” or “Zoom to Double page” like in Sibelius would be really helpful reviewing the single parts.
  • step-Input of Pedal-Line takes as “grid” the initial note, not the actually selected grid?
  • and finally the not so minor request: simple possibility to show/hide objects in only score/ only parts/both

That’s all folks! :sweat_smile:
Wish you all the best for 2024!

Fortunately, since you say these are “minor issues,” you won’t mind working around them until the Development Team has the time for the extensive programming to bring them into being.

One can select from a middle staff to the top, rather from the top down, to see the Popover over the top staff.

One can add discontiguous measures in discontiguous staves with CTRL/CMD + Click, although only a ,easure, rather than a staff, at a time.

Copy/Paste (rather than Duplicate to staff below) will replace, rather than merge, notes from one staff to another.

This is one use for chord mode. This works as you want if you hit Q first.

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Hey, nice one! Thanks, didn’t know that!

Derek, i’m not demanding i absolutely need this features (therefor minor) nor that they have to be implemented immediately (btw nether me nor you know how extensive the programming of them would be).
This is called user feedback and the guys at Dorico have proven many times, that they are listening to it. Therefor, i publish regularly my wishlist here (and will do it in the future).
So no need to give a nasty answer. Keep calm, it’s christmas! :wink:

The sticking point was describing them as “minor issues.” They may be minor for you, but they are not minor programming challenges.

You are of course welcome to make suggestions; until they are implemented, Mark and I have made some suggested work-arounds you might use.

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Use copy/paste instead.

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Check, check, check aaand check! As expected, best customer support ever goes to Dorico! Thanks a lot guys. It’s a pleasure to use your software! :heart:

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Exists: ALT+CONTROL+0.

Take a look at the full listing of key Commands under Help.

I use this all day long.

[Does not do double spreads as far as I know.]


Does it exist a shorcut to revert to previous zoom? like a toogle keycommands?

There is a possibility to set key commands for different zoom levels (in percentage):


@Dup It’s not a toggle, no.