Some Minor Improvements (YMMV). Some Minor Regressions.

On Windows 64, I’ve noticed some minor improvements. Maybe they were bugs… Maybe they didn’t affect ‘everyone’ but they actually matter to -me-

  1. File Open now includes BAK files. Huzzah! I’ve been screaming about this for -years-.

  2. For the first time since they introduced ‘warps’ or ‘hitpoints’ or ‘tabs’ or -whatever-… basically Beat Detection… 10 years ago… it seems to actually work as expected. I mean that literally. It’s been what 8-9 years? I have -never- been able to load a simple 4 on the floor song, hit a button and get a tempo map that accurately followed the beat of the song all the way through.

Just for laughs, I tried it on a couple of 70’s rock songs and… IT WORKED! I was so stunned the first time I tried it again and… it worked AGAIN! Now… the hit points? Still a mess (sorry to be throw in a monkey wrench). Still nowhere NEAR as good as Ableton. Which makes no sense to me. How can the tempo map be perfect, but the hit points be all over the place? Oh well.