Some modernist beaming

Dorico newbie here. Is it possible to do this sort of beaming seen in many modernist scores in Dorico?

modernist beaming

That’s from my Lilypond score work, in case people wonder.

You can get something close, but as you see, once you hide the rest(s) the beams retract.

Slice 1

(Darn! I wish export slice didn’t default to PDF instead of PNG.)

How does one achieve that?

I used separate voices and a beams setting from Notation Options. Here is an image before I removed any rests. There may be a refinement of this that others more knowledgeable than I can give to eliminate the rests. One can Remove the second rest from voice 2 (in the Edit menu) to shorten the lower beam and can Custom Resize the other rests to 1 in the properties panel. You could try replacing the first upper-voice eighth rest with two explicit, forced-duration sixteenth rests and Edit > Remove Rest the first and resize the second to shorten the upper beam. (I could not get that option to work.)

Notation Options ->Beam Grouping

If you set the rests color opacity to zero you can get this:



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Congrats, Jesper!

Well, thank you Derrek.
I don’t like the notation though.
Are there 4/8 in the bar with assumed rests?


I did mine in 3/8, but the OP looks like 2/8, which would probably make the spacing more difficult.

Mine is 4/8.


If it’s 2/8 then I don’t understand the beaming at all.


Thank you all - this is brilliant.

FWIW it’s two 8’s in the bar, no rests. I can work with this I believe. Most appreciated.

This is the best I can do in 2/8 with two voices.



[citation needed]


I’m curious… what does the “/” in “/ff” mean?