Some mono Waves plugins not loading in CB10

I just upgraded to Cubase 10, all is working well except I cannot load certain Waves mono plugins. For instance, the L2 mono and the C4 mono do not load. Stereo loads fine. All were working in CB 9.5.
Anyone else having that issue?

Cubase 10.0.10
Mac OS 10.13.6
Apollo Thunderbolt

…my waves mono load in the insert slots, are displayed regularly, but there is no audio level shown.
There is no process through waves mono plugins.It passes like “standby”…

e.g. waves Q, L1, L2, L3…

Mono inserts in Mono Groups work fine…


I’m having the same issue right now in Cubase 10.5, although only in new created 96k projects. Previously created 96k projects have Waves mono plugins working fine, and more waves mono plugins can be added - also working fine. Same here with stereo plugins working fine. Trying stereo plugins on mono tracks yields the same results as mono plugins.

Did you ever end up finding a solution?