Some more thoughts

Hi guys, a few things some might be able to help me with. A few more days using, a few more things found.

  1. Triplets are driving me crazy. There doesn’t seem to be a key command for just adding simple triplets, just the button you have to click. I’ve seen the threads from 2017, editing json files etc. really? Must it be so convoluted? i guess hitting ; and then 3 and then shift ; when done is the best system right now? Are there plans to improve this?

2)In setup mode, if I select a flow and then press “add flow”, the new flow should be added directly after selected flow, and not at the end. I think. Helpful when you need to add a bunch of flows gradually in the middle / between flows.

3)A GUI improvement. In the grace notes properties in lower panel - the grace notes under “grace note type” are not centered in the box (see image). A little picky, but hey.

4)I want to delete a note and have everything move backwards to fill the space. Is there a way?

5)Can I easily turn a note into a grace note?

  1. How would one convert 4 8th notes to 16th notes without having rests put in between them all automatically?

  2. a bar of 5/8 contains an eigth note on the first beat, and the rest of the bar is filled with rests. I want to select the eighth note, and then press something that will fill the bar (turn it into a dotted quarter tied to a quarter for example). I’ve not found a solution on how to do this. ’

Cheers everyone
grace notes.JPG

  1. When you have found out about insert mode (see #4 and #6) you might find it quicker the notes first (without bothering that they don’t fit into the bars correctly) and then convert them to a triplets. In insert mode, select a note or a passage and press ; Dorico makes a guess at what type of tuplet makes sense, so usually you don’t need to press 3 before you press enter.

  2. If you want to make several edits to the flow structure, try File / Project info instead of using the bottom panel. That way you can make all the changes in the panel (including the titles etc) and apply them all at once.

If you want to add several new flows in the middle of the project, add one (at the end), move it, then duplicate it. Or duplicate an existing flow and then delete all the music in it.

4 and 6. Read the documentation about “insert mode”. This has lots of other uses as well as the questions you asked here!

  1. You can’t do that at present.

  2. You can only edit the duration of note directly if the new duration is a either a single note value (use the number keys) or by adding rhythm dots, and you can’t make “5 8th notes” that way. But you can change the duration of a note by one rhythmic “tick mark” with shift-alt-left and right arrows. So something like select the 8th note, press 7 (to make a half note) and then shift-alt-right arrow (to add another 8th) is probably the quickest way.

  1. Under the Write menu, you can use “Edit Duration/Extend to Next Note”.

Yes, “Extend to next note” is a wonderful new feature! And it works on a large selection as well.

I agree wholeheartedly with number 2.

Thanks for your responses guys.

  1. This is very helpful, thank you. If only while inputting if you need a triplet, you could hit ONE key, play the triplet, hit again and keep inputting, that would be fantastic.

  2. I can’t duplicate a flow until I hit apply? Lets say I want to add 10 flows in the middle of 15 flows. There isn’t a quicker way to do this? I think if adding a flow in setup can add it straight after the currently selected flow, that would be great.

4 & 6. So great. Insert mode. Yes, that was it. Thank you so much.

  1. Is this something that the team feel is something to work on?

  2. The Edit Duration is great. And so is extending by tick value. Thanks so much for this advice.

#5 has definitely been discussed. It’s not an outlying request.

If you use the bottom panel in setup mode, each change is applied as soon as you make it.

In FIle/Project Info you can make as many changes as you want to the data in the panel, and the apply button then applies them all. You can set up any combination of creating or duplicating flows, reordering flows, etc. You can also select several flows and move them up or down the order all at once.

The panel is much nicer to use if you have a lot of flows (e.g. 20 or more) because the list of flows in Project Info is more compact than the bottom panel display.

Just create half a dozen flows and play with the Project Info panel to see what you can do. If you don’t hit “apply” you won’t change anything in the project.

If you have a big project Project Info is nicer to use, because you don’t have to wait for each separate change (and if the final “apply” is going to take 10 minutes to make a lot of changes, you can go and make a cup of coffee!)

Does theduke know about Dan’s Intro to Dorico document?'s%20Guide%20to%20Dorico.pdf?dl=0

It’s for 2.2, but very little has changed.

I still recommend it to every new user.

Thanks for the document.

In regards to duplicating flows in the project info dialogue. Let’s say I have an empty flow and want to duplicate this 10 times. I hit the duplicate icon, and it immediately greys out until I hit apply. That’s what I meant. I can’t copy the copy until I hit apply. This is lots of clicks to try and get a new flow in between some other flows. Can you confirm?

The lower panel I can right click duplicate no worries. I can duplicate the duplicate. Still means creating an empty flow, dragging to the correct position, and then duplicating this a bunch of times. I feel it’s a lot of clicking.

But I appreciate the discussion.

I see what you mean. In the project info panel, after you click “duplicate flow” the duplicate flow is selected, and presumably you can’t duplicate that because it doesn’t really exist until you click apply!

You can reselect the original flow and click duplicate again if you want, without clicking apply.

Or you can create several new flows at the end of the list, then select all of them with click and shift-click, and move them all up to where you want.

In the bottom panel there are also some keyboard shortcuts. Go to Edit / Preferences / Setup to see what they are, and change them if you want. They don’t work in the Project info panel though.

There are lots of different possibilities - just do whatever seems quickest and easiest.