Some MXF feature requests...

Hi all,
First of all I have to say that as a recent addition to the Nuendo community I am very happy with my choice, I love Nuendo 6! However, following is a little list of features that would make me personally want to go to bed with it if they are implemented:

  1. ability to play back video material contained in an AAF (at least if it was mixed down to a single track, single file MXF by the editor prior to the AAF export)
  2. support for import and playback of MXF op1a files
  3. ability to replace audio in video for MXF op1a files (being able to select the channels to be replaced within the MXF would be a whopping extra bonus too…)
    Can’t think of much else to want for right now, except of course for the Loudness Meter routability and log feature requested elsewhere in this forum.

On adding Avid MXF video file import


MXF video support is something we are seriously considering, however,
our analysis shows it will take time to implement. So yes it will come, but
not in the upcoming release.


That’s OK, most Pro-Tools facilities I know still take Video as Quicktime files as well, because they don’t want to go for the Video-Satellite stuff.
But it sure would be a smasher if Nuendo could play MXF video natively some time… :slight_smile: