Some newbie questions

Hi everyone. Trying out Cubase again after switching over to Logic and Ableton for a while. I like how customisable and flexible Cubase is. Seems really, really powerful. But not the most accessible (for me)!

Two quick questions:

  1. I’m using a MacBook Pro M1. I want to be able to use a wired headphone connection directly into the laptop. I’ve created an aggregate device. Cubase does not see the aggregate device, only the ‘Built-in Audio’ because that is what I selected on first boot up. How do I switch this? When I add new busses, only Built-in Audio appears.

  2. I’ve added some plugins and all seems to be working OK so far. Except for Superior Drummer 3. The plugin is outputting, but Cubase isn’t receiving anything. Is there some routing I’ve missed? Stock plugins seem to work fine. Thanks!


  1. The Built in Audio Device is the right one. If it won‘t switch to Headphones automatically, you have to switch it manually in the Built in Audio Device Settings.

  2. Create a new Instrument Track and load the Drummer. If you dont see a signal on the Track Meter it might be the internal Instrument routing.

Can you expand on that? No meters in the Mix Console showing activity when SD3 is playing?

Thanks - sure.

Yes, exactly that. If I trigger a sample within SD3 I can see the mixers there showing output, but there’s no corresponding output in the Mix Console.

I haven’t changed any routing - only added an Instrument track with SD3 on it. I’ve done the same with another plugin (retrologue) and had no problems.

I solved my own problem. It was a routing error within SD3. Thanks for trying to help.

On the headphones point - I didn’t explain myself very well. The answer was in the VST Audio System setting :slight_smile: