Some Noob Questions (Cubase 6>10 Upgrade)


I’m currently running Cubase 6 on my desktop PC, and would like to purchase Cubase 10 for my MacBook Pro. I would like to keep Cubase 6 on the PC.

Please can someone confirm I’ve understood correctly - I can upgrade, and use my existing dongle? Then I could use both, but would have to move the dongle between the 2 machines, so only use 1 at a time?

What’s the process, presumably my dongle gets updated once I’ve upgraded and everything works tickety boo?

If I decided I may want to run both PC (6) and Mac (10) at the same time, that would require a full purchase of Cubase 10 right?

Noob questions I know, appreciate any help…thanks.

Yes to all your questions.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for the quick response - appreciated