Some notes quiet

Having read a fair few of the topics here, some similar to mine but not the same I figured I might as well ask around…

I’m having issues with retrologue when playing midi in manually. Sometimes some notes are considerably quieter than others. I thought it might be my (supersaw) synth preset, but I tried a default preset and still got the same result.

For example I might be playing a simple two-note chord melody, and the top notes every now and again will almost vanish - which is interesting because you can still hear them, only very faintly - which one can only assume means it isn’t note stealing. It happens regardless of the polyphony being set at 8 or 128.

[edit] It’s also worth pointing out that it doesn’t seem to be having this problem with MIDI data that has been drawn in; or maybe I’ve just been lucky.

I will try to upload an audio example.

Any help would be wonderful.

Nobody at all?

Can you try this with an initialized set ex. just a sine wave? NO effects, mod. just signal.