some notes with fz above crescendo hairpin


the following is an extract from the ninth symphony of Dvořák:
Screenshot 2019-04-01 17.09.29.png
What is a sophisticated way to do it? Basically, Dorico does the followings:
Screenshot 2019-04-01 17.15.47.png

My provisional solution is adding fz using Playing Techniques after creating fz under Common category in Playing Techniques.

Dear prko,
Here’s a way. Not sure it’s the best, but I think it works…

I started creating the fz dynamics. I attached them to the notes (alt-enter) but I fear this had no effect… Select them all and flip (f). Now they’re above the notes. Input the long hairpin. In engrave mode, lower the hairpin and ff (dynamics under the staff) to make room for the fz. Select all the fz and lower them. If it is not propagated with the properties in Engrave mode, at least it means what it means…

Dear MarcLarcher,

Thank you for your solution!
Your method is the right way according to the Dorico manual, but a bit time-consumed…

My method is a fast way but anomalous.

Dorico stacks dynamics vertically on a single note, but strangely this does not work with hairpins.

It would be nice if this kind of usage of dynamic markings be implemented in future though it is used rarely.