Some observations

Hello all.

Please have a look at attachment 1. I have seen this kind of error a couple of times during a project I’m currently working on. This is the default spacing, and I haven’t set any weird values in Layout Options (and even if I had, this shouldn’t be permitted). Inser of a Frame Break somewhere on the page fixes the problem immediately.

Attachment 2: The rehearsal figure 34’s original position is way above the staff. When I move it downwards, it seems to obey, but in Print Mode it shows itself as seen. I tried several times, and on one occasion I managed somehow to “catch” it and print a PDF. Sometimes it won’t return to original position. Strange fellow…

In general, rehearsal figures often act strangely. Sometimes the collide with clef, sometimes they are positioned very high above the staff, sometimes they are placed directly over change instrument-notifications (which by the way seem not to be manageable at all - am I missing something?)

Are these occurrences known bugs? If not, I’m happy to let the team see the file.

  1. I think you will find this problem is fixed in the forthcoming update. If you want to email me your project, I can take a look in a current development build and check that it looks OK. Please be sure to include the details of the layout and page on which the problem occurs to save me scrolling through a big project looking for it.

  2. You can’t move instrument change labels in the current version of Dorico, but this too will be possible in the forthcoming update. I can’t advise what might be going on with your rehearsal marks, but if you have a reproducible case, please attach it here or send it to me.