Some of Cubase Preferences and Settings won't be saved

Hey guys!
I searched for this but it seems like none of the threads I’ve read really covers this.
So based on this page, and this one too, you should have everything ready to be recalled, or copied from an xml file to a new one, in case you need to uninstall and reinstall again. BUT, I’m never able to recall all of the preferences/settings I tweak, for example:
MIDI Channel Colors
Top Bar Layout (project, mixer and audio or midi editors)
Bottom Bar Layout
Window Layout
Track Control Settings

And I’m sure I’m forgetting something else, too.

Now, I looked for those in:
Window Layouts.xml,
UserPreferences.xml, or
“Key Commands.xml” (which is different from the user file you get when you save your key commands: this is for the current configuration, that could be helpful if you reinstall but you forgot to save the latest configuration);

I tried to export the latest Profile, too, but man, there’s no way to get those f***ing settings back!

Also, Cubase lets you save a preset for the Track Control Settings and the Top Bar Layout, but those preset files are never to be found in the computer, so where are they stored, exactly?

It really seems like the only thing easy to save and re-load again are keycommands and preferences under “Edit” tab. But the rest…and anytime I reinstall Cubase I have to do that, which is very time consuming and frustrating.

Any ideas? Am I missing something?

I recently deleted my settings in an attempt to solve a problem with novation automap. I stumbled on an odd discovery. If I enabled control room in C12, then went into Cubase 11 (which I still have installed), then made an adjustment to the control room inserts, then quit…

When I restarted C12, all the preferences were there. I didn’t have to manually re-enter them. It seems that Cubase prefs transfer between versions. These are studio setup, and audio connections specifically.

The same thing must have happened between C10.5 and C11. One issue however. Control Room inserts were not transferred between versions. Sonarworks inserts for particular headphones and monitors had to be manually re-assigned in both C11 and C12. I expect this issue to resurface on the next upgrade.

Maybe you can quickly recover most of your lost prefs by launching an older Cubase. I don’t know if doing a small tweak will force new Cubase to load the old prefs, or if that’s just coincidence.

Mh no it’s not about updating. I needed to uninstall and reinstall because of a weird issue in the audio director, which would cause the window layout to be reset to default all the time I’d close the window.

Since Cubase 12, everytime I open Cubase and sometimes during a session, I have to untick Status Line and Info Line (from window layout seting). It fails to remember that all the time.

Ha, I laugh when this site suggests that “IT looks like you’re enjoying this discussion”

Of course I’m not!!

I wouldn’t be on here at 6 in the morning, trying to find answers to a dumb failure of Cubase, and wasting my time, if I was enjoying myself!

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I’m having the same issue especially with the “Track Control Settings” settings.

Is there anything new we should know about this issue that could help us ?

Thanks !