Some of my Music, [chillout type stuff]

Hi all,

Just posting some links to my music as they have been made mostly in Cubase Artist 6.5 & 7, I do ReWire with Reason too but I always use Cubase for the bulk of the work.

I use VST’s & VSTI’s from U-He, Native Instruments, Waves, iZotope, Focusrite, Korg and of course Steinberg.

I’d appreciate any feedback you have (positive or negative).

This is my first post on this forum too!

Ha,a lost PUF user :wink:

You´ve some really great tracks going.
I dig the 1st one.It´s perfect to chill and propel your mind to something different than the cooold weather. :smiley:
Feels like lying on the beach IMO.



Hahaha, good to hear from you, I am lost in many respects!

I wonder what’s happening with their forum anyhow?

Ssshhhh, don’t tell anyone I’ve been a Cubase user for years :wink:

No worries mate! (i´ll announce it over Twitter…just kidding!)

Good question.As long as vBulletin is “unsafe” in re of hacking it,PH won´t reopen the forum any time soon.
As the forums and the user accounts are connected to each other,guess for convenience reasons,
it´d be too easy for someone to steal all user data incl. licenses,addresses,credit card info and other stuff.
That´s not a cool picture IMO.
It´s be better if PH would separate the two from each other,like NI or Steinberg do.(just my 3 and a half cents)

Always cool to see someone familiar.


Chillout as it should be…you keep your music interesting throughout…very good work!!!..Kevin

Cheers mate

Hey, thanks for posting. Listened to the first two so far. Really nice and cool.

Very nice tracks, thoroughly enjoying my morning listen :sunglasses:

Cheers peeps :slight_smile: