some of the audio loops doubles bpm when project (Solved)

The bpm of the project is 170. when going through some loops in mediabay, some of the loops are played back at half speed at 85 bpm, even when the “align beats to project” is enabled. If I uncheck the “align beat to project” button, the loop is played back at 170 bpm, which is its original speed. So why is the bpm reduced to 85, when “align beat to project” is enabled? If I drag the loop from Mediabay into the project, It is still reduced to 85 bpm, but if I look in the pool, it says 340 bpm and sign. 4/8 and not 4/4 as normally. Other loops in the same audio folder in mediabay are aligning to the project beat correctly, but some are not. Is something wrong with the audio file, or is something wrong in Cubase? Thanks

ps. I have similar issues with a few other audio files, but not all…


Which specific loops cause this to happen ? Are they among those supplied with the program ?

no 3rd party. they sound fine when playing outside cubase

I solved it. If I use Acidized or REX files, the audio adjusts to the correct bpm,