Some of the Christmas fun Steinberg has brought me for $49

Keep in mind that I had a perfectly stable experience and none of these problems before this paid upgrade to Cubase pro 8.5

Desktop Windows 7 64 16gb ram 4.0 ghz
Laptop windows 10 64 6gb ram 2ghz

This is a description of working on my desktop system for the most part.

Some times my resource meter will be 1/8 used on a particular project. Then at other time (same sparse project) 3/4 is used.

Player head in project window and in sample editor window does not always follow simple play back. sometimes, it is invisible.
Music will play, but there is nothing to indicate where you are in the playback.

Moving event parts does not snap to the proper Quantization even though snap is on. If it set to bar, moving events rarely snap to a bar when zoomed out. I have to zoom way in then it is more compliant but still not locked in like it used to be.

Control and select and drag in the audio recorded on a lane track (cntrl + drag) down … Will not lock event in time.

I always record at 48 khz 32 bit
Now sometimes my projects load as 44.1. 32 bit.
Triggering the option to change the sample rate and bit depth of files that do not need to be converted.
I think this happened after I was working with an old file that was set to 44.1 16bit. But still…

Glitches and Skips in mix down… Timing looses sync. But catches up. In the mix down.

Some times certain tracks wont be heard on the first mix attempt. I change nothing and do it again, and miraculously the missing track will return to the mix.

And I don’t even have the energy to get into the behavior of the media bay on my fully scaned libraries…with the perpetual searching…

As a pro. I cant believe I paid for this “upgrade”.

Thanks Steinberg.
Me and my clients love the new features!

A “pro” wouldn’t have blindly installed a new update in the middle of your “clients” sessions without first backing up or cloning your system first and testing without your clients being there…
True amateurs move! :slight_smile:

As always, the older version is still accessible or re-installable.

Ok so I realize that my frustration probably wouldn’t garner much sympathy:)
But I’m not looking for sympathy. So far each Steinberg release has been a pretty painless affair for me. So mabey naively I jumped into the upgrade with the expectation that a paid upgrade would add more than it took away…

I never said I was mid project. And Yes I can uninstall and roll back.
But I’m doing my part.I didn’t bitch about the fee for the upgrade, because I’m down with steinberg. All and all I love the program. But is it wrong for me to expect a “PRO” version upgrade to not be a beta release experience?
And where else am I supposed to express my discontent?
I take notes while using the program in order to bring about change.
People trying to clown me for expecting more are corny.

Seems like a seasonal rush to market, I just expected more.
And btw these are problems /suggestions to add to the “fix” list that will be worked on in the new year for Cubase PRO 8.5


As always both sides make points … I understand your point of view but just wanted to give extra information you or others could benefit.
Besides that I just checked and I have still C8 installed in a seperate directory and can use it, if you didn’t uninstall C8 you can start it and can go on practise your thing.

People are hilarious!! I didn’t blindly install a new update in the the middle of a “clients” session.
I have an image of my OS drive to restore from. And my clients wern’t here lol.
Is this a creative writing class or something, where people are encouraged to embelish the facts in order to dramatize there point :smiley:

I enjoy mastering a program, and have been absorbing anything I can find on YouTube about cubase. And I have been experiencing nothing but forward progress untill this update.

I realize nothing is perfect, but did I expect this new release to handicap my progress?
I didn’t.
No amateur move on my part.
The fact that I trust Steinberg enough to buy the new version that they offer me, souldn’t be see as a mistake.

The fact that even using the 8.30 version that is still on my system, and finding all my preferences have been reset to defaults including the location of my plugins and instruments… And the fact that now when ever I export a mix my music invariably falls out of sync.That feels quite amature.

People seem to have no problem suggesting that I go back to the way I had it, but fail to address the fee paid for this opportunity to beta test this latest release. Its a turn off. buzzz kill… or what ever you’d like to call something nocking you out of your zone. In November I finished 34 songs for a project with mabey one glitch… Of course i’m dissapointed!

Then there’s a letter to the community to reassure us that all the problems will be addressed first thing in the new year.
Don’t get it twisted. I will try to work through it, and contribute my experience with the hopes of resolving the glitches.
But damn… How about working out all the glitches, and then releasing the upgrade for sale?

**By the way the loss of sync usually happens in songs where I use my MPC renaissance.

Happy New Year!!!


Your feedback is always appreciated by a proper dev team. Since there are always issues with releases (too many configs) I strongly recommend you post issue reports for each issue you run into separately (so that all issues can get addressed on their own).

I understand your frustration, however, it seems you have been running smooth for a long time already, so I really feel you should give the dev team time to address your issues, after you have reported them.

Again, it kinda feels sour if you have paid for a buggy (for you! I run pretty smooth now) release, but it always pays to test a new release and keep the old installation available until you are confident about the quality of the new version, especially in a professional, client based environment.

I hope you get all worked out, all the best, also for 2016 in general!