Some Olympus Choir Controls not visible

In the Halion window the Olympus Choir isn’t completely visible. I can’t resize the Halion window to see all of the controls. Maybe this is because of my macOS 10.15.1 Beta. Could someone please check this?

You should find that the HALion window automatically resizes to the size of the edit page when you switch to the Edit tab. Perhaps check what version of HSSE you’re running? Click the Steinberg logo in the top right-hand corner, then choose About from the menu that appears.

Thanks Daniel, and yes, it behaves the way you describe. I can’t reproduce the problem. Sometimes it helps to talk about problems to make them disappear :wink:

I Have the same problem ,and i can’t change the view.

What are you running HALion Sonic SE inside? It looks like it’s inside VE Pro or similar.

It’s running in Studio one pro 4.5.

The HS SE version displayed there is quite old; current edition is at v3.3.0 (18 July 2019). Try upgrading…? Its free… :wink:

Certainly, malleteer, you could try downloading and installing an updated version of HSSE3.

Yes, that was the problem .It’s perfectly fine now.Thanks for your help.