Some original tunes done with Cubase

Hello all, been a long time forum member (KarlTL on the old forums) but have been out of touch for awhile. Put together a mobile rig (running Cubase) and have been doing alot of location recording, some studio stuff and a few originals (when I have a few moments).

If anyone would like to take a listen here’s a link to my website and a few original works in various stages. Hope you enjoy them.

All the best,


I auditioned “Duality” (and will check some others when i have more time)

Beautiful track, Karl. Mix is perfect, and drums sound “real.”

My only nit is the vocal seems to have a bit too drastic lo shelf on it – I’m missing some body on it. But it still sounds pretty good because the guy is superb vocalist

I also appreciate how the track hasn’t been “loudness maximized” – retains audio quality and allows me to crank it on my own

Thanks Doug,

The vocalist is me I’m afraid… :blush: the sound works ok on some tunes but, although I quit awhile ago, years of smoking have left my voice pretty scratchy I’m afraid. I did low shelf it but dont recall where exactly. Would probably have been somewhere around 200hz or so to clear the low end for bass and kick.

In any event, glad you liked it. Dont know if you’re into big band stuff but, if so, check out the Junction city Big Band page on my site. Quite a few tunes there that I recorded at a live show a few months back. I was real pleased with them and Cubase worked great for both the live tracking and editing mixdown.

Thanks again!