Some parameters are in red!

Hi guys

I get this strange thing happening. Please take a look at the picture I attached.
What’s going on here?


Parameters in red mean only a portion of the patch is showing those values, meaning they are not consistent throughout the entire patch, with all layers etc having those same values. If some portion of your patch have different settings than other portions, this ‘red’ is a notification that this is taking place. For example, a particular layer out of many, or a slice or two from a bunch via the slice player etc.

Thanks for the help, Cantankerous!
I thought something went wrong and the patch didn’t load properly.
It looks like I have to go back and continue reading that long and boring manual.

Cheers, mate!

Not a problem, glad I could be of some assistance. Do you understand what I was explaining? If you go back to patches that show this ‘red’, can you see where the differences lie from the different elements contained within the patch settings/parameters wise?

Yes, I understood. Thanks again!
Meanwhile, I continued reading the manual and I find there the explanation for this thing, as well.