Some particular slurs and long notes become "staccato" instead

Starting at bar 42, when I insert long notes they become staccato instead; exactly half shorter. This only happens for the bassoon, horns, trumpets and trombone. The problem is present in both noteperformer and halion.
I never fiddled with expression maps in my life.
I don’t think I did anything strange apparently.
In the past, Nickie Fønshauge had solved a similar problem with slurs. So I reapplied noteperformer and Halion playback template several times, but the problem is still there.
I attach the project file.
Thank you very much in advance
Ballo III ver. 5.1 - PARTITURA - Scena e (1.2 MB)

I guess the problem here is that the notes after bar 28 are still affected by the “Staccato quadruplo” playing technique (if you enter a “nat” playing technique at bar 29 the notes after that point will play the expected duration).

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Perfect. It’s the solution.
But I find a bit illogical that a staccato dot extends after the relative notes.
Anyway, thank you. I am very grateful.

Ciao @stefanorabaglia
I think I have an explanation for this (if I am wrong please someone corrects me):

Maybe you are confusing playing technique with pure articulation (even if many playing techniques use articulations in their definition) in their usage/effect.

You created a new “articulation” as a graphical representation through a playing technique (Staccato quadruplo).
This gives you the desired graphic effect but also being it a playing technique it is meant to last until you specify when it changes, if you apply it on one note and without specified length (in other words it means: “From now on, play this technique”.) So it will apply also on the subsequent notes.
Differently, an articulation is applied on one note and effects only that note. (This is a similar concept as Direction vs Attribute in Cubase Expression Maps)

If you give your last Staccato quadruplo technique (for example in Horn 1, bar 28, beat 3) a defined length (select this last of the Staccato quadruplopress shift+alt+right arrow to make it longer) you will see the end point of the technique appearing (as a little red circle), so you are defining his length and the effect on subsequent notes will not take place (as you can see in the example below where the quarter note in bar 29 will not be shortened anymore: in the video I show the cause and the effect). The same happens also putting nat. on the next note as @rafaelv suggested).

(You can observe the results of the shift+alt+right arrow immediately if you switch the key editor panel and activate the Played durations view.)

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Dear Christian
Very clear. Impeccable!
Thank you very much

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