Some plugin GUI not showing


On Cubase 8 when opening some plugin like soundtoys or Uhbik or camelphat the window just display the name of the plugin , i have to click on it to see hte GUI which is not on a draggable window no more , so i can acces a/b or bypass. i have to clic outside the gui to switch back to normal display . Very weird .

Is it a bug ? is there something we can do to prevent this ?

Cubase 8 Artist
Mac OS X 10.10.2

Use the 64bit versions of those plugs not the 32bit.

OK that’s the problem so .

I guess i have to wait for those plugin to be release in 64 bit .

Thanks for the reply .


Soundtoys and Uhbik already released 64bit versions…not sure about Camelphat.

Yeah i saw that . Camelphat will never be updated as the development is discontinued :frowning:

One other option though probably not worth bothering with if it’s for a single plug.
Use Jbridge instead of the Steinberg bridge.

CamelPhat was available in 64 bit also. Hopefully the OP had his Camel Audio stuff backed up and has included the 64 bit version.