Some plugin slots frozen once plugin loaded

ive got a weird problem …
on some of the slots with loaded vsts they wont let me open them or unload them there frozen.
its really messed up my session its happening on all channels but on random inserts so for example on one channel its channel 2 and 4 which are frozen on another channel it could be slots 1 and 2…master channels the same i have 3 plugins on my master bus and i cant edit or unload so its messed up my session i need to get them off so i can finish it.

my cpu load bar looks fine and ive no spikes or any audio problems its just these loaded plugins…its also affecting every developer…so i might have a uad plugin loaded some are working some are not.

im on windows 10…cubase 12.52

Have you tried the Delay compensation button at the bottom left hand of the project page ? if that’s active while you have latency high plugins they will not open.

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There are various possible positions for this button.

Is this all you could decide to **Pick at ** in my reply this time ?
Default position is bottom left

What’s the problem with it?

many many thanks …i never knew the delay compensation button locks cpu heavy plugins and the plugins i loaded i didnt think they were that cpu hungry…ive deactivated the dc button and its all fine now :slight_smile:

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Ahhh , you are welcome , we never stop learning

It’s not about CPU, it’s just about latency. There is a time limit that selects which plugins get deactivated.
And btw, the button turns delay compensation off if activated.

If you activate Constrain Delay Compensation for instrument channels, 
record-enabled audio track channels, group channels, and output channels, 
the following happens:

For VST 3 plug-ins that feature a Live button, and for third-party VST 3 plug-ins 
that feature a low latency mode, activating Constrain Delay Compensation activates the Live button
or the low latency mode for that particular plug-in. 
For details about the included plug-ins that feature a Live button, 
see the separate document Plug-in Reference.

For VST plug-ins that have no low latency mode, activating Constrain Delay Compensation turns off that plug-in.