Some potential bugs

Hi all,

I point out some software behaviors that could be caused by potential bugs:

  • When opening a project directly through the .vlprj file (with VST Live initially closed), assets pointed to by audio tracks are not loaded; note that in the Recent projects list the project loaded in this mode is indicated at the path C:\folder.…, while loading the same project with the File>Open… function it will be loaded correctly and will be indicated in the Recent projects list as the path C:/folder/…

  • Having specified that the activation/deactivation of the metronome involves the display/non-display of the relative channel in the mixer, after having deactivated the initially active metronome and saved the project, the reopening of this project in any case involves the display in the mixer of the metronome channel

  • The Mute state of an Output channel seems not to be saved in the project (when reopening a project, all output channels will always have the mute button deactivated)

Will check.

Correct, will fix.

Also true, can be argued, but if the user has set it like so, it should be restored that way.

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can you make, that the metronome state is saved? i prefer bleep, on every load it stand on stick.
thank you.


All fixed next version, thanks!

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I would like to point out that it happened to me a couple of times to move a layer up or down in relation to other layers, and the layer I was moving disappeared…

I managed to make it reappear with UNDO when I noticed it… is this a known issue?

Another strange behavior occurred after using pitch bend on a part.

Every time I recall the part the tuning is down a step, I have to tap the pitch bend again to bring it back to the right key.

Even saving the project again after having “reset” the correct pitch, when reopening it still plays a tone below

No. Do you have any recipe how to reproduce it?

Did you possibly set a Layer Pitch Bend value? This is sent to the Instrument whenever a Part is activated. ctrl/click to set it to “OFF”, then it will not send any pitchbend controller.

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thanks for your answers!

Thursday night I’ll go home to work on the project in question and try both

It works perfectly, THANK YOU!

Hi @musicullum,

unfortunately it seems that my third report, the one relating to the failure to save the Mute state of an Output channel, has not received the right fix.

I remain hopeful for the next version, thanks. :slight_smile:

This is by design, because users complained “I’m on stage and have no signal”.
We will change it back again so that the mute state will be saved, and will forward complaints to you :slight_smile:

Apart from my specific use case, it is precisely conceptually that I don’t find myself in the idea that a user, computer scientist, musician or whatever, saves a project, created with an application, in a certain state and then find itself in a different state when you reopen the same project.

I really hope you can agree with my conception and consequently bring the behavior of the Mute state of an Output channel to the behavior of all the other elements of the mixer.

Thank you very much for the attention you provide to all users. :slight_smile:

I agree and said that we will do as you suggested. But „conceptually“ it may be unusual to mute the output channel for a live application.

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I agree with your consideration about the live context, but, since setting the output device connection to < nc > is also something that is not saved, I usually mute some output channels on the mixer temporarily in order to keep aligned the project between different sound cards that do not have the same number of separate outputs, which happens between the home PC and the studio/live one.

I hope I have made you understand the use case for which saving channel mute state would be useful.

Thanks again for your support and patience.

Well, it does everything it can to provide something, if none is found it takes the default output.
However this only applies to the main output, for other out channels it makes sense. In any case, we will save the mute state of all channels in the future.

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Hi @musicullum,

having found that the Mute state of an Output channel is still not saved in version 1.1.43, I guess by “in the future” you don’t mean in this software version.

I remain confident for the next one, thanks! :slight_smile: