Some presets will not load...Halion Sonic 3

I have had Halion Sonic SE, Halion Sonic 2, and recently upgraded to Halion Sonic 3. There is a large group of presets that will not load into the Multi-program Rack. For example preset “Hope Bass.” I get an error message that says: The preset could not be loaded. This can happen if the preset was saved by a newer version of this plugin or by an incompatible plug-in. So not sure what this means. I’ve never “saved” a preset in my newly aquired Halion Sonic 3 and all of the presets are presets installed with the new installation of my newly aquired Halion Sonic 3. I am wishing the new program would work with all the presets it has available. Not the case. Can you “re-set” these presets somehow so they will work? So does this mean if I do choose to save a preset from that point it will not work because it was “saved” in a new version of this program? Is there a group of older present in the Halicon family that will not work in the new version? How can you “purge” the system of all the presets that do not work? Going thru all those pre-sets one by one to see which one will work and which one will not will be very time consuming. I would think ALL of the Halicon presets would be backward compatible? I feel like I’ve lost a lot of presets by upgrading. Hopefully they will all work again if I can figure out how to get them loaded. Thanks.

I have the same issue in Halion 6. This is what happened:

I converted old FXB files to Halions VSTPRESET. Around 350 in total. I then tagged them all in Halions Media Bay, which took days. I then wanted to batch rename (the name) which I did outside of Halion by renaming the filename file browser. I then re-registered the VSTPRESET files in Media Bay, which worked fine. I can now see the files Halion 6 (name in display does not reflect filename any longer - which it does in Media Bay) and the presets cannot be loaded any longer. If I do, I get the same error message below and Halion crashed:

“The preset could not be loaded. This can happen if the preset Halion …”

This is about the 3rd time I have to start all over, reload all my FXBs AGAIN, retag them AGAIN and so on.