Some problems (even bugs) with Dorico Elements


this month I am on the road, and I am working with Dorico Elements on my MacBook Pro.
I ran into some oddities:

  1. when it comes to lay-outing the parts, I allow Dorico Elements flows on the same page and to display flow headings. If I insert a Frame-break to let a new movement start on a new page (overriding the Layout Options) I will often end up with remainders of Flow headings in between the staves.
    I can easily remove them, but why do they appear in the first place?
  2. I try to assign a key combination to System-break and to Frame-break. Firstly I have trouble to assign them at all, secondly, if I manage, only one of them will actually end up visually in the Edit Menu. And, very strange, they will disappear after a while. And will not be functional any more. For System- and Frame-breaks I will then have to go into the menu every time…
  3. I have just finished a trio sonata, did some formatting of the parts (with the glitches described under 1)) and then noticed that some of the dynamics in the bass part where completely off track (positioned much too low). This only effected the pianos and not the fortes. If I reset position, nothing happens. Also deleting and re-inputting puts them onto the wrong position again. I have the feeling, deleting the obsolete flow headers must have put confusion into the layout…

Post the file? That’s a bit much to troubleshoot from a paragraph.

Have you done any work on these parts in Dorico Pro? Particularly re: the flow headings, it sounds like you’ve perhaps introduced page overrides. There’s not terribly much you can do about this in Elements, unfortunately.

Klaus, do you sometimes run Dorico as Pro on that computer, or always as Elements? Did you copy your existing key commands over from your Pro installation to the Elements installation? I can’t provide any explanation for why the break shortcuts would spontaneously disappear, but there could be possible confusion with the command being defined twice, perhaps.

Dear pianoleo and Daniel,

I will investigate later today, on the MacBook Pro it is Dorico Elements exclusively, the problematic file was a „template“ from Dorico Pro, which I use to have Figurato as Lyric Translation Font.
Ah, it could be figured bass numbers pushing the dynamics down…

Attached is the file, I am sure, if you look into the bass part, the „hidden“ Figurato Font pushes the Dynamic out of place. Scaling the Numbers does not have any effect.

Pesch_Triosonate Nr. 2 in (649 KB)

It’s definitely the Figurato lyrics that are the problem, and it’s not just the p dynamics that are affected; the f in bar 9 is also pushed down - there aren’t any figures in the same positions as any of the other _f_s.

As to the answer to the remnants of Flow Headings, this is because you’ve introduced overrides on individual pages by editing the Flow Headings (so that they say e.g. “III.” rather than “3. Tempo di Menuetto”. Dorico can’t apply Layout Options such as whether Flow Headings should be shown or not, on pages that have overrides. There’s no good way around this in Elements.

I noticed that when I tried to add a text frame to the first page as an override of a document recently, it also really messed up the flow header placement. When I instead set up the text frame on the First Master Page, the flow headers resolved properly. With the absence of Engrave (and presumably Master Page editing) in Elements, Klaus, I expect this is something you will have to fix when you return home and have access to Dorico Pro again.

Derrek, these are luxury problems for a poor user of the Elements version :wink: I do like the challenge though :slight_smile: