Some problems with WL 9.0.25 on a Mac

I have been using my Mac Pro a lot doing some transfer work. it is running Yosemite and has 20 gigs of memory. It is a 2012 Mac Pro so it is of the “older design”. If you have the recording window open and want to do something to the file after recording, it acts strange in that the cursor keeps jumping from the beginning to the end of the file and won’t stay where you put it. The only way to end this behavior is to close the recording window and restart WL. The other strange behavior is that sometimes when I go into record the file I just recorded will play in the background. Again the only way to stop this is to exit WL and restart it. Any comments or suggestions?

Wavelab Pro 9 is not officially compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks. The program version is probably too new for the older OS X version, so the software behaves unexpected when performing certain tasks.

Sorry it was Yosemite and not Maverick. I was repairing a friend’s Mac and he has Maverick on it and it was just in my mind when I wrote the message. I am running Yosemite.