Some problems working without noteheads (or empty noteheads)

I am experimenting with empty noteheads and I find some little problems:

  1. Stems are not exactly aligned. I have tried to align them with the stem settings in the “Edit Notehead” dialog, but nothing did work…
  2. This would be a minor problem if I could align them manually, but note heads can’t be selected, and I can’t set the “voice column index” property.
  3. There is also a little problem with the position of the laissez vibr. tie (stem down), that overlaps the stem.
  4. If I select the whole bar (all noteheads selected, then), and I choose to change noteheads to default, nothing happens… The only way I can set them back to default is reentering the notes. It seems that empty noteheads are not selected.
  5. I have tried to use a 1% size default notehead instead of an empty notehead, but the problem persists (I can’t change the note head).
    I enclose screen capture and file.
    Maybe it would be a better approach to hide the noteheads with color property, but I though that an empty notehead may also be a good idea.
    Thanks in advanced,
    Untitled Project (547 KB)

The stems won’t be aligned because those notes are overlapping, and Dorico will still behave as if there are noteheads there, since having empty noteheads is not presently a supported feature of the program. Empty noteheads can’t be selected because there is nothing there to select. In general I think you will have better success with changing the colour of a normal notehead to be transparent than trying to use a notehead with no symbol in it.

Thank you Daniel! I will follow your advice.