some questions about score editor

Hi everybody,
I would like to know if there is a way to:

  • create keyboard shortcut for setting lenght size, avoiding to do it manually; this function was present in an old cubase version (I couldn’t say which one…). It vould be very useful, in combination with the alt+t shortcut, when editing sxore/midi parts…

  • create scores with endings and repeats somtomreduce the number of pages?

  • set the number of measures for page?

I usually prefer Sibelius for scoring but recently I had the need to extract a ‘quick score’ from a cubase project and I couldn’t find a solution in the program manual…

Thanx for helping me!


  1. You can use Set Quantize to … commands. By default, there are no KeyCommands assigned, but you can assign your own. When you change the Quantize, also the length will change in the Score Editor.

  2. Right-click to the bar line, and select Properties from the drop-down menu. Here, you can set different bar lines, also repetitions.

  3. Switch Score editor to the Page mode (Scores > Page Mode). Then use Scores > Advanced Layout > Number of Bars. And set the count of the bars. You can set it to “This Staff”, or “All Staves”.

… just to add to #2
merely changing the appearance of the barlines, as described above, is purely “graphic”… it doesn’t actually create repeated bars (when you play the song). In order to create “real” repeats, you also have to activate the Score Editor’s Arranger mode (available in the Score Editor’s Extended Toolbar, if you have set it up to be visible).

Thank you both, guys!
Is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut for lenght quantize too? Maybe I missed it but I’m not finding…


The Quantize settings is shared for all Quantize options: Start, Length, End. So you can use the same Key Commands. If you want to trigger the Quantize Lenghts, you can assigne own Key Command. You will find it in the Key Command window, Quantize Category folder, Quantize MIDI Event Lengths.

Hi Martin,
thank you very much for your quick reply!
Maybe I didn’t explained well what I mean:
I’ve set key commands for “set quantize to” (green arrow in the picture) according to your advice but, if I want to change the lenght of a note from, let’s say, an eight to a quarter, with the alt+t shortcut, I don’t succeed if lenght size value (red arrow) is set to an eight and I have to set it manually to a quarter…
I was asking my self if is it possible to set “lenght size value” too with a different shortcut for each value I need…
Schermata 2016-04-29 alle 13.26.13.png


Sorry. I hope, I can understand it, now.

In the KeyCommands, Set Insert Length folder, you can assign the KeyCommands for the length. But this length will be applied to the next inserted note. If you want to change the length of already existing note, use MIDI > Functions > Fixed Lengths (which sets the length of the quantization), or prepare your own Logical Editor Presets, to change the length of selected MIDI note, to the fixed Value (or double/half the note length).

Great! I have a shortcut (I think it’s a default one) to change note lenght according to quantize value, it’s alt+T; so now I can do it all from keyboard.
Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

By default Alt + T = Show/Hide Rack in Editors. :wink: Just as an info for other users, who will find this thread.

Ops… I didn’t want to confuse things…
I’m using the alt+t shortcut from a long time… It maybe was a default in an older release?