Some questions and suggestions.

Leif, re: your #9: I stumbled across the answer to that this morning. It is in Engrave:Font styles, and it represents one of Dorico’s very clever attributes.

There are two settings for Tempo text, Immediate Tempo Change and Gradual Tempo Change. I was faced with the same issue: rit, accel, etc. in large, bold font. I set the Gradual Change font to a smaller, italic (non-bold) font, and then started wondering how I tell Dorico which marking to use, because there is only one Tempo tool.

For want of anything else to try, I typed in an accelerando and hit Return. To my surprise, the accel appeared in the small italic font. Certain that I had somehow messed up the whole tempo tool, I did the same thing again, and this time I typed Allegro. Presto – large bold print; Dorico recognizes the difference between Gradual change and Immediate change tempo terms.

I love this application!

Daniel, that sounds wonderful! Until then I will live with a Shift-X workaround when needed.

I’m telling everybody that bothers to listen about Dorico, and will keep doing so. I want the best for my friends…

Just thought I’d say the switch system to tell the program not to accept defaults makes perfect sense to me. Bravo for a more style-sheet like approach. :slight_smile:

Just happened upon this myself today. For words it doesn’t understand such as"affrettando" you can use a similar word like “accelerando” and then change the displayed text in the Properties panel.