Some questions regarding Slate / Cubase

My DAW runs on windows 7.
Cubase 8.5 works flawlessly with Slate Digital Everything bundle.
Cubase 10 hangs on startup while scanning VST 3 plug-ins.
When I remove Slate digital Virtual Mixrack, Overloud TH-U and lustrus plates (All part of the Everything bundle) from the VST 3 folder, Cubase 10 starts up just fine and works.
Ok, so no VST 3 version of these three plug-ins.
But,… Cubase also blacklists the VST 2 version of these 3 plug-ins.
Slate suggests that it is a Cubase problem since VMR,TH-U and Lustrus plates all come from a different vendor and thus it’s not logical tho think that they all have a problem.
By the way, other slate plug-ins do function in Cubase 10.
I noticed in many forums that Slate plug-ins do cause some trouble since the whole blacklist thing started in Cubase 9.
There doesn’t seem to be a clear cause for this problem.
NB, Ilock,Cubase Slate, latest versions installed

All slate plugs working fine here, but I’m on Mac.

I know it’s not much help, but the VST3 version of VMR works fine here, as does VBC, VTM and Verbsuite.

Can you manually re-enable blacklisted plugs in Plugin Manager? And if not, have you tried deleting the blacklist xml file in the user settings folder?

I have all Slate plugins installed both as VST2 and VST3 and they’ve all worked fine for me in the latest versions of Live, Reaper, and Cubase.