Some questions (they might be "newb"-ish)

Hey guys,

So I made the jump to Cubase 6.5 from SX, and have a few questions, I think they should be rather easily answered.

  1. When editing audio waveform, I have a specific technique I’ve developed to stretch/cut notes from SX, but that involves zooming in to the point where I see each “dot”. In SX, this was no problem, but in 6.5, when I zoom in past a certain degree, the “dots” disappear. Is there anyway I can keep them while zooming in maximal?

  2. Again, audio editing window w/ waveform. I switch to the “play” cursor, though when click, I see the highlighted part visually progress as if it is playing, however no sound. Is there something else I need to do as well, or perhaps an adjustment in the options?

I’ve noticed sometimes I close cubase, then am unable to reopen it back up, and that I need to reboot the entire system. Is this a known bug?


I don’t think 1 is supposed to happen? If you zoom in to max, you should see individual samples which is what you want right? You can move them up and down individually there.

2 I’m not sure of, are you using the control room by chance?

As for your issue closing and restarting Cubase: never seen it, but then again I usually shut down the PC anyway once I’m done with Cubase :wink:.