Some questions


I’m right now missing some features that I may have just not found yet.
So maybe someone in here knows what to do:

  1. First of all I’d like to open more than one layer at a time.
    Let’s say I need 16 layers because I know what I’m in need of
    before I start mapping… Do I really have to click the ‘Add Layer’-
    button in the top of the program tree 16 times then?
    Isn’t there a possibility for layers, busses and so on much like adding
    multilple tracks in Cubase?

  2. I’m still searching for a way to export a program comparable to Kontakt’s monolith.
    The user shall not be able to use the samples of the programs outside of Halion…
    When I export the program as a VST preset without samples and re-import it, I am still able
    to copy the samples from my program tree to my desktop… Plus I think that Halion only finds
    the samples because it has the path to the samples on my HDD which makes it senseless for sharing
    or distributing. The VST Sound Multi-Export is not what I’m in need of as it is not a Multi-Instrument-Program…
    Just one… Plus I’ve tried that and haven’t been able to open the created vst sound file in Halion afterwards…

  3. I am not able to import Groove Agent One Kits which is quite sad for me as I created a lot of kits there
    that I’d like to import in Halion for further operations. Can somebody confirm that? Am I missing something?

Best regards


  1. Just figured out that shift+click on the ‘add layer’-button
    in the program tree makes creating multiple layers possible…

But I’m still in need for 2) and 3).


I’ll have a go at no.2 then :

Actually, VSTsound is what you’re looking for, by which i mean it’s meant to be the solution, sadly there are issues with it, at least that i’ve found anyway.

Whilst it is a multi you export, both it and the programs contained within it are both available both in the mediabay and via the browser, therefore :-

  • load all the programs you want to redistribute into a multi
  • export the 2 VSTsound files (ideally move them to another computer if possible)
  • drag the .vstpreset file to the mediabay

Now… when you go to load the program(s) it will still complain about missing samples, but point it towards to the location of the corresponding .vstsound file and it will load ok (and subsequently), after a bit of fiddling/cajoling.

In theory, you should be able to register VSTsound files exactly the same as legacy HAL3 content, a nice simple on-step process - except you can’t, as they simply can’t be selected in the ‘register’ dialogue - this needs fixing by Steinberg.

Until this happens people will still have to manually point it at the relevant .vstsound file on 1st run, though it can take a few attempts to get it to take.

In summary, it does work, just not exactly as smoothly intended… a shame as it’s a great concept in theory for distributing content (that and i’d love to release more stuff for H4 if this worked better).

HTH, have a play around with it, it will do what you want, kinda…