Some questions

good evening! after a few months come back to try the new version of “Live”, which I hope to be able to use for the new live project you have to make.

I read the manual carefully but I didn’t understand if and how it’s possible to do some things:

  1. use, or rather “share” the same vst instruments on different layers (both in the same song and in other songs)… a sort of mainstage “alias”

  2. is it possible to automate various parameters of a virtual instrument through a midi track? for example the cutoff of a filter that closes or opens at specific points in the sequence?

  3. in each song of the concert I have some audio tracks that are the same for all the songs, in the sense that they contain the same things. a click track and an “alert” track that I have already prepared with cubase. for instance: How can I make the click track volume change changeable for all songs at the same time?

thanks for your help!!!

Simply select from the Shared Menu in the Layer/Instrument selection. Any instrument instantiated by any Layer can be shared. Note that the audio channel belongs to the Instrument, not the Layer, so if you change audio volume/pan/mute/solo, this applies to all Layers sharing it. All other (MIDI) settings are seperate for each Layer, which is also why Layer Controls switch to MIDI when you select a Shared Instrument. Usually, you would address shared Instruments by Layer output MIDI Channel.

Not yet in the way like Cubase; automation tracks are in the making.
You can use Actions and Shortcuts for some sort of automation by using the built-inVirtual Midi “cables” though, with the new version coming within the next days.

You would create a Group Channel and route your tracks there. You need to expand the Song (Group) Channel (named after your song) to see track channel in the mixer, or you can assign a Group channel for the output of a track in the tracks view Inspector.

Thak you very much!!!

Sorry, but I can’t find the function to share the whole part. Where is it?

For example, a song consists of 4 parts, A B C D


How can I copy part A and B and make them shared?

My Live vesion is the last released: 1.1.41

copy a part → right mouseclick on the part and select copy.
in the layer left click on the instrument → in the menu, you find share, select your wanted instrument. the buttons of velocity and high change its color from blue to orange.

thank you!!!

ok for the layer, but then it’s not possible to share a whole part?


How is it possible (if it is possible) to see in a shared layer which is the “source” layer?

thanks for your time!

i don’t know, but i think, the source layer is no matter, because if you change a parameter in one shared layer, the parameter is change in every shared layer.

this is precisely why it is important to know which parties are involved in sharing a layer!

Layers are not shared, only their Instruments are. As the audio channel belongs to the Instrument, changing its volume, pan, mute, or solo applies to all Layers sharing this Instrument. However all other Layer controls are not shared, and that is why a Layer changes to MIDI control when you assign a shared Instrument to it, bacause usually you address multitimbral Instruments by MIDI channel. Finally, that explains why there is no “origin” or “source” Instrument.

What do you mean “share a Part”?
There is one Global Part in Parts menu. Other than that, only Instruments can be shared.

I give an example:

My Song consists of:

Part 1 - Intro
Part 2 - Verse
Part 3 - Chorus
Part 4 - Verse
Part 5 - Chorus
Part 6 - Special
Part 7 - Chorus
Part 8 - Out

Each part is triggered at specific points in the sequence.

Every “verse” and every “chorus” (pert 2,4 and 3,5,7) are identical both in terms of virtual intstrument and settings.

So I wonder if it is possible to share part 2 (verse) and part 3 (chorus) entirely to have them available whenever necessary in order to save resources.

I don’t understand the point of having to copy (and then create other identical parts) when loading VST instruments that have already been loaded.

It would be very convenient to share an entire part (or rather, the global content of it) and be able to share it with a single click.

I have a playlist that provides for the simultaneous setting of 5 physical keyboards which correspond to one or more layers for each keyboard, and sharing every single layer of each part takes a really long time.

With a set list of 35/40 songs it is advisable to minimize the loading of virtual instruments.

Thanks for the precious help!

Ok, the concept is clear!
However, it would be very useful to have a “report” of the shared layer.

It’s a job I’ve always done manually, noting for each sound used what is its use in a playlist

Share their Instruments. The Parts themselves eat close to no resources, so just copy and paste (or drag/drop).

Once your “do it all” Part is assigned a Shared Instrument, there is no additional loading or other resource requirements. Parts are cheap, just copy.

Let me repeat that the Layer is not shared, only its Instrument is.
And when you assign a shared Instrument to a Layer, it is set to MIDI Controls (orange), and also there is an indication (check the velocity low/high dials, those become orange for every Layer that shares or uses a shared instrument).

Ok, I said that badly

I see.

Thanks for your answers!

I’m just looking for a quicker fix.

If in one part I have 10 layers and I have to share the instruments of each layer in 10 layers of another part it becomes quite cumbersome.

This multiplied by many Parts and by many songs.

It would be very nice to have a shortcut, which can do it simultaneously with all tools of the 10 layers.

The “dream” is Copy layer (instrument) / paste as shared.
That would be a huge time saver

I hope I have used the terms correctly.

You only have to do that once, then you can copy.

That’s what it does. If you copy/paste a Layer with a Shared Instrument, the copy refers to that same Instrument. What is missing?

First of all thank you for your patience, thank you very much.

The thing is, I want to copy a “source” instrument and paste it as shared…

that’s why I asked for a Copy / Paste as a shared tool :wink:

Ok, you will have to create one shared Instrument (say: second Layer set to share first instr), otherwise there is only one instance - which makes that Instrument “non-shared” :slight_smile: