Some questions

I make a formal request for functionality… :slight_smile:

Ah, you mean an additional “Copy Shared” command - got it. Don’t want to clutter the user interface for a not so common request, but we could add it to the menu and context menu.

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G R E A T !!!

Ohhhhh yesssss!!!

I appreciate your availability and that of the team.

I take the opportunity to suggest some features that would be essential for me, in addition to those already requested.

I’m a keyboard player and Live would be the best for me if I had the possibility to:

  1. have quick access to MSB, LSB, reverb and delay in the layers to drive external midi modules

  2. draw automation of multiple control changes in the arranger window

thank you!

Assign to Layer controls (open small circle at the bottom left of a Layer)

Not available yet, but you can use Actions and Shortcuts along with MIDI tracks (and built-in Virtual MIDI cables) to automate available actions.

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