some requests for H6

hi =)

  1. Edit->Sample->Main -> sample start/end
  • rightclick option to display bars/beats view and not only samples (basically if you change the ruler/timeline display to bars n beats, the change is reflected in the bottom part in the “sample start/end/range” section)
  1. Live recorder
  • option to “snap to X bars” so it will record a perfect loop (basically record input automatically until the next bar after pressing stop - or the ability to manually add more empty space for the loop to resolve
  1. Skylab
  • It would be nice if we could drag our own samples into skylab
    (for purpose of content creation)

not priorities (maybe #1 out of all others) , but something to think about :wink:


p.s. undo should also undo screens;)

You can, you drag them on to the right side browser window.

But you can replace the sampels i skylab, Zones tab/sampel osc. to the right you can chose replace sampel :smiley: