Some samples not loading into HALion 6 layers


In HALion 6, I loaded Layer 1 with a sine Wavetable, sample Layer 2 with 005 Construction Kit 01 SK but CANNOT load sample Layer 3 with FC10_Kit_19_Kick2_MC just get some message which flashes on the screen then immediately disappears.

I get this can/cannot load with various samples.

Anyone know why?

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OK, been working on this. I have HALion 6 and Groove Agent 5.

Can you load FC10_Kit_19_Kick2_MC.wav from Mediabay into a HALion sampler zone? (or transfer it from a Cubase sampler track into a HALion sampler zone via the three arrows button?).

I CANNOT and digging around I’m told this sample is not ‘registered’, even though I can load into Groove Agent/a Cubase sampler track and do anything with it.

More digging around leads to this on Steinberg Help

which is not much help because I’m not aware of adding VST files to anything but the default folder and there is no top right hand arrow to Register or Import stuff.

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