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I have been following the entire tutorial for score by Andrew Blake at
Highly recomended ! I finally decided to learn all there is about the score editor and it’s so interesting for soundtrack composers specially because I like to print score to record on the piano or send to musicians.
Now after watching all those tutorials and practicing there’s still things I don’t understand or maybe cubase does not do these things. I would really appreciate if you guys could look at those questions and could help. Thx:

1/ I would like sometime to force the use of double dot rather then slur to an other note or multiple rests. Cubase puts alot of those.
rest ddot

2/ Almost related : is it possible to force cubase not to use legato symbol. if you have a Ride playing offbeat i’d rather have one 16thnote followed by 8th notes rather then a bunch of 16th notes with legatos everywhere.
to much slur

3/ In Split mode is it possible to manually force one note to go to a specific staff to override the “split” setting ?

4/ Displaying bar number everyotherbar I can only display 2/4/6… not 1/3/5 is there a trick for that ?

5/ When you use chord track and set your VSTi track to “Chords tab / Follow Chord Track = root note” then changing chords changes the midi content but the score editor doesn’t change the Key Signature accordingly although it is a clear transposition (?) is that normal behaviour ?

6/ Is it possible to rearange the staffs order without changing the track order ?

7/ Using guitar symbols… is it possible to use ukulele symbols ? is there a library like for the guitar ?

8/ Display tempo using the Form Symbols tool displays it on all staff. Is it possible to have it only on top staff ?

thanks for any help on those :wink:


Sorry, am I missing something? This 2 + 1 in 4/4 beat, if I can count…

Yes. Right-click the Note > Display in Staff > choose the other staff.

Yes. You have to adapt it manually. Cubase doesn’t detect the Key changes.

I’m afraid this is not possible.

You can create your own sybols. But as far as I know, you cannot change the number of strings.

Hi, thanks for your answers.

no the first is half rest, then 1/4rest and 1/8rest followed byt the 1/8note. so count is 4. I would prefer to have half rest with 2dots then the 1/8note.

Dam… big work :stuck_out_tongue: that’s something steinberg should add really.

Hi @Martin.Jirsak, the picture is misleading. The black bar in the middle is not a barline, but the playback cursor.

1- use the Cut Notes tool

click for video

2- Same technique

click for details

3- Use Polyphonic Mode instead, then right-click on specific notes and use Move to Voice.

4- If your first bar number is 1, you should get 1/3//5 with “Show every 2 bars” setting.
If the first bur number is “2”, then you should check the “Bar Offset” setting.

click for details


8- Uncheck “L” column in Score Settings>Layout for the staves you do not want the tempo symbol to be displayed on.

click for screen capture



Amazing !
Thanks so much for your explanations and videos !

Thx for that. But when I do this the result is not what I expect :

although the two notes selected are 1. 0. 0. 0 lenght they are connected to the top staff.
This is in split mode. I tried to move the stem up or down but it’s still connected to the top staff.


I see. In this case, you can move the Split Point from C3 to B2 in the Score Settings > Staff > Polyphonic.

But you can’t do this dynamically.

Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 14.42.03


Yes the split point does not solve this problem for “advanced” piano scores where the hands are crossing registory but are still played by the same hand.
The only way I found is to use polyphonic and hide some unwanted rests. But it’s less straightforward and takes more time.


In this case, I’m using a multi-channels setup (if you can do this).

I set all the left-hand MIDI Notes to channel 2 and then in the Score Settings > Staff > Polyhonic, I select the Polyphonic Staff Mode with the following setup:
Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 16.16.36

The result looks like this:
Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 16.17.06

Instead of hard-split:
Screenshot 2023-12-05 at 16.17.15

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Ah thanks looks like it’s working !