Some simple improvements for the sampler

Here are some simple ideas that would improve the sampler’s workflow:

  1. The ability to open the sampler directly in a separate window. I don’t personally use the lower zone, it’s always closed for me, and whenever I want to open the sampler it first open it in the lower zone and then i can open it as a separate window, even with shortcuts. It’s really a pain.

  2. The ability, like in groove agent, to listen in place the selected sample in the media bay replacing the one in the sampler. It’s a super usefull trick to find the perfect sample, it’s really sad that it’s in GA ans Backbone but not in the sampler.

  3. The possibiliy to attache the sample in the sampler into the project, like that even if a directory is missing later the original sample is not lost by cubase.

  4. A multi sample interface that make possible layering into one instance of the sampler

Not going to happen for one big glaring reason, Halion.

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