Some simple questions from someone who is clueless...

I’m a musician who isn’t technically savvy. I had Cubase LE a billion years ago, loved it, made lots of recordings. I started upgrading as the years went by, and the more complicated things got the less I created. I purchased Cubase 7 when it came out and learning curve killed all my productivity.

I want to get back into recording, and I want to go simple again. I plan to buy a Zoom R8, install Cubase LE9 on my laptop, and simplify things.

My BIG question!!!

Will I be able to pull things out of my Cubase 7 and add them onto my Cubase LE9 as needed? Things like synths and effects that don’t come included in the LE version. Will they be tranferrable? From 7 to whatever version is the current LE?

Thanks in advance. I’m going to double post this in the Cubase LE section cuz I wasn’t sure where best to put it.

Not sure. If you have Cubase 7 installed on the same computer as LE9 (both being installed in 64 bit could matter too) and have the dongle plugged in, LE9 should see the VSTis from C7 and recognize the license/should work.

LE has a restriction in track count, so loading a C7 project should work but tracks more than the LE limit (16 audio/midi I think) will be there but can’t be accessed.

I’d recommend just using C7 and taking some time (days/weeks) to get into it. The LE versions since 7 have less functionality but a similar learning curve due to the overhauled mixer design. You’ll win nothing if you restrict yourself to the tiny version.

Also… remember that CB 7 recognized 32bit VSTs. CB 9 and later will not (unless you install a 3rd party bridge). So this may pose a problem for you.

Regards :sunglasses: