Some sounds missing from Halion Sonic SE


Working with Halion Sonic SE from within CUBASE 9.5 pro (with latest updates), selecting many sounds bring up a message saying “some audio files are missing, please check installation”.

I have removed and reinstalled Halion Sonic SE - didn’t help.
I have removed are reinstalled the entire CUBASE 9.5 installation - didn’t help.
I ran the Halion Library Manager to re-register libraries - didn’t help.

Same presets refuse to load, and there are quite a few of them… just to mention a few:

Guitar/Plucked/E.Guitar: Above The Rim
Bass/Synth Bass: Acid Tack Bass
Synth Pad/Analog: Alaska Sweep

As you can see, they are from different categories.
I should perhaps mention I have CUBASE 5 and 6 installed on the same machine for older projects compatibility. Both are working fine!
Please assist - this is very annoying and I have been at it for quite some time now with no success…



Hi and welcome,

Reinstall the HALion Library, please. The whole library is part of Cubase Full Installer.