Some stock REVerence presets don't show up in MediaBay, also, 'Rating' isn't mirrored

Not sure if it’s something I did, I don’t think it was. Haven’t checked if other presets aren’t showing up, but the ‘Room’ ones definitely aren’t with the others in MediaBay.

click image to zoom


A bunch of the ‘Plate’ presets also missing from MediaBay




bunch of the ‘Echo’ missing


‘Space Dance’ missing

There’s probably others missing.

Also check below for other bugs

Also, rating the REVerence presets in MediaBay, doesn’t mirror to the REVerence preset browser,

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and doing ratings in the REVerence preset browser don’t save.

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I might be trippin’, but I swear a few weeks ago, I had gone through all the stock REVerence impulses and gave them ratings, and comments… but most of them didn’t save if I had done what I am remembering…

I had done a full day of testing them on various sources, rating them, adding descriptive comments, etc, etc, and then organized them into banks by the ratings I gave.

Maybe it was lost because of a crash? I’m not sure. or maybe it was because I did this work in the REVerence preset browser instead of the MediaBay and as shown above there is a problem here.