Some sugestions and complaints

I have been using Cubase since Atari and there are more and more things that annoy me in this program with every new update.

1. Logical Editor
The logical editor in Atari was logical. This one is unlogical today.
Does anyone use Logical Editor at all?

  1. In the latest versions of Cubase, the timeline setting is not saved with the project. Every time I open a some project, I have to check if my timeline is set to bars or seconds.

  2. The appearance of some editors is confusing. For example, the key editor has a lighter grid for the white keys (this is logical) but the VariAudio editor has the opposite which is silly and very confusing. It is very difficult to work in both editors parallel and this greatly slows down the work and makes the work annoying.

  3. If I open multiple audio tracks in the same audio editor, it is impossible to select them all or more than one at once. I cover parts I want to select with the mouse but only one track is selected. I have to select the others parts from different tracks by holding SHIFT and clicking on each part individually. It is very annoying and slows down the work. This has happened with the last few versions of Cubase and has never been the case before.

  4. Audio Alingnment mostly does not work properly. Some standalone programs from other companies do a better job.

  5. Steinberg is ignorant firm.

Cubase has more and more new features and that’s ok. But some old features are changing and that’s why Cubase is getting on my nerves more and more. :frowning: