Some suggestions after power use


After a week long power use of WL here are a few suggestions:

  1. When opening a lot of audio files as tabs it takes a while to navigate between tabs. It would be great to have a ‘jump’ to first or last tab. right now if I have 100 files open I have to scroll left and right through all open tabs.

  2. When using the auto split feature, whenever there is no split point (marker etc.) WL stops the operation and gives a message: “no split point can be found” That’s fine, but it is annoying if, for instance, I am working within a folder of hundreds of audio files and only a handful of them require that editing. Since the easiest thing to do is to load the entire folder into WL to process the auto split, rather than each file individually, now I have to manually hit enter whenever it’s trying to process a file without a split point.


  1. There will be a solution for this in WaveLab 8
  2. Agreed. I note this for the future.