Some tags don't stick when exporting-importing vstpreset

When exporting a program as “VST preset with samples” to an external disk and then re-importing the preset into Halion 5 by dragging it onto its MediaBay, some of the tags that were set before export now show up blank. It seems to be at least “Library Manufacturer”, “Library Name” and “Comment”. Even “Rating”.

Tags that keep their values during the same process include “Category”, “Sub Category”, “Character”, “Style” and “Sub Style”.

If I set the tags through Cubase MediaBay, they stick with the preset as expected, and survives dragging and dropping also onto Halion 5 standalone. Passing through Cubase would of course work for me as a rather quirky workaround, but I’d prefer I could do it directly from the Halion MediaBay.

Is it a bug or a “feature”? :wink: Or did I just miss something?

Some more fiddling reveals that if I drag the vstpreset from the H5 MediaBay and drop it to the external disk where I’d like to save it, then it keeps all the tags intact, but if I export the preset from the program tree the tags mentioned above are dropped.

Somehow this still feels more like a bug than a feature, and if there is a way to export from the program tree with the tags intact, I’m still interested to know about it.