Some text in German in English version Pro 8.0.2

I assume it is

Yep…left and right

I thought this would be determined by the software of your soundcard.
I did not know that Cubase defines this.

yeah, that happens when you open projects you have gotten from somewhere else rather than created them yourself on your system and hardware. You may have downloaded some demo project from Steinberg or somebody sent you a project created in a German version of their soundcard software-

Not in my case , English install and all my own projects , nothing from outside.

hmm! :confused:

It is the old Mountbatten<-> Battenberg heritage and result of the relationship inside the old european Imperial/royal houses -it has to break through some couple of years -rechts,rechts , rechts… :slight_smile:
Grtz ( HH ) Peter

Some templates have some left over german in them.


In the midst of some project I started editing in the Chord Pads and it said, Piano player and Guitar player but in German. I’ve also seen the German “Left Right” showing up as labels for the audio inputs of my audio interface. I haven’t seen it lately, but it did show up. It seemed to have to impact on Cubase’s operation.


Not true. I never downloaded a project from elsewhere and I get the German Left / Right as well.

The only projects outside of those I created from “Empty” are the example templates Cubase provides when installed, so perhaps those were created in German language versions of the program? This little oddity seems to have been disappeared, but, when I first saw it, I thought I might have picked up a virus or malware of some kind.

…it’s not new either I’ve had it since version 6 at least…and have never used other’s projects either.

Not true? :laughing:

Well, if you are using Tempaltes from Steinberg you are vulnerable to their attacks on your pristine system.
Bad, Steinberg, BAD! How could you? :slight_smile:

I created my own templates from scratch.