Some text is invisible in the preferences dialog

Issue: In both Cubase 10.5 and a freshly installed Cubase 12 trial, some text is invisible in the preferences dialog.

Background: Running Windows 10 with a dark theme.

I’ve also tried switching to some light themes thinking it was a problem with my theme or whatever, but the issue persisted. Surprised this issue hasn’t been reported elsewhere.

I notice that no other application, particularly, DAWs that I have installed have an analogous issue. Live, Reaper, and the Studio One trial don’t seem to have any issues with this, so I’m guessing it’s not just my system.

Any ideas? Or is this just a bug that is going to just persist until Cubase 13?


Cubase 10.5:

Cubase 12:

I’m guessing it is your system.

Win 10, dark theme here, no problem. And really if this was a general problem there would be threads hundreds of posts long about it.

Have you tried updating your graphics driver? Are you using HiDPI?

As luck would have it I literally just posted the same screenshot as your first shot in a different thread. Outside of the red arrows, you can see all looks normal

I’m running the latest graphics driver for my card. I believe I am using HiDPI, but it’s hard to check if that setting is enabled since I can’t read the text, lol.

Good point on the lack of other threads, it occurs to me that I’m using some some unofficial themes (patched uxtheme.dll), so might be causing the text colors to match the colors of the background in Cubase for some reason. I thought I eliminated this as a possible cause by changing my theme back to an official Windows theme, though.

Kinda clunky but I think the Ops Manual has images of most Cubase Windows you can use for reference.

Hi, does it work once you’re switching back to a native theme?


OK, it does work when I switch back to native theme.

I remember trying this before and not seeing any change. I think changing the system theme before Cubase starts might be why.

Would be nice if Cubase simply used system colors for all menus so I don’t have to change my system theme just to use Cubase. Other DAWs don’t seem to have this issue.