some things i would like

I think cubasis has made a gerat progression since 1rst release. I use it very often.

But there are some small things i would like to see:

  • let me collapse tracks in height, and mixer-channels in wide

-i find it very difficult to zoom in (arranger) and move to the very first bars at the same time, since cubasis zooms into the middle of the screen.
I think there should be a zoom-button, which lets me zoom by touching(with one finger) and dragging up/down, while dragging left/right changes the viewposition at the same time.

-i dont like the tools-workflow.
Today i have to select a part and then the eraser-tool for example.
I want it the other way too, please. Let me select the tool, and then doubletap the part/parts to execute.

Thanks for reading .

Hi Voodoo,

Thanks for your kind words and usability suggestions!
We have most of them on our list and will evaluate to address them with future Cubasis updates.